Sunday, November 23, 2008

Color Suggestions for your eyecolor

Eyes that are more golden green or lime green are complemented by lighter, pinker purples. Emerald and blue-green eyes work well with plum, violet, and blue purples. Make sure you blend this eye shadow color evenly over the entire lid and into the crease.

Eye color is green* eyeliner : red-brown, taupe, purple.* shadow : golden browns, warm taupes, deep purples, soft peaches, soft violets

Eye color is blue* Eyeliner : Warm brown , taupe.* Shadow : Rich warm browns , Warm taupes, Soft peaches

Eye color is brown* Eyeliner : rich brown, charcoal, taupe, purple.* shadow : Golden brown, blue, green, light mahogany, charcoal, purple

Eye color is grey* Eyeliner : charcoal, deep brown* Shadow : charcoal, cool brown, purple

Brown-eye If you are wondering why you do not see a category on the chart for hazel eyes, it is because they are not just one color. Hazel eyes are either a mixturre of blue and green, or green and brown. So depending on which you have you can place them in two different categories. If you have blue and green hazel eyes you can choose shades from the blue or the green category. If you have green and brown hazel eyes you can choose shades from the green category. So it is up to you decide, don't be scared to experiment

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