Friday, December 19, 2008

Help me Name my Eyeshadow

I have a lot of new eyeshadow colors that I need names for! Can you please help me out? Here is what I will do for your help. I will take into consideration everyones "name" for the colors.
If I choose your suggested name, I will send you a FREE generous sized sample of any color you choose from my shop at
I will be taking suggestions until January 2, 2009 and winners will be notified during the following week. Please leave a way for me to contact you.
Here are the first 4 color choices.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Eyeshadow Foiling

Want that shiny metallic foiled look? Here is the easiest way to achieve this.

You will need:
Shimmery eyeshadow
flat brush
eye drops(any kind will work)

Do not try this with matte eyeshadows as it will look blah. Shimmery eyeshadows work the best for this. Using a flat brush works best for this application. Using eyedrops works best as it doesnt dry out your shadow like water will.

Put a drop of eye drops on the back of your hand, dip your brush in the eye drops, dab a bit off on a clean towel. Put some of your loose eyeshadow in the lid and rub your brush in the shadow, will make a cakey paste on your brush. You should see it shine a bit. Tap off any excess loose shadow from your brush. When you apply the shadow to your eye, do not "swipe" it like you would with an eyeshadow applicator...DAB it on. Dabbing it on will help it adhere to the skin better. Allow it to dry and blend in with the rest of your eyeshadow you've applied. Below are some photos of a couple that I did. I know the white looks bad, just wanted to show the difference in applying dry and foiling(applying wet)

Hope this is helpful for you all.

Tips for applying Eyeshadow

Tip #1

To prevent fallout (your loose shadow falling on your cheeks)
apply a heavy layer of your mineral veil to the area under your eyes
on your cheek as seen in this photo. Any fallout can then easily be
brushed away with your large powder brush and your veil just blends
in with your skin.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Color Suggestions for your eyecolor

Eyes that are more golden green or lime green are complemented by lighter, pinker purples. Emerald and blue-green eyes work well with plum, violet, and blue purples. Make sure you blend this eye shadow color evenly over the entire lid and into the crease.

Eye color is green* eyeliner : red-brown, taupe, purple.* shadow : golden browns, warm taupes, deep purples, soft peaches, soft violets

Eye color is blue* Eyeliner : Warm brown , taupe.* Shadow : Rich warm browns , Warm taupes, Soft peaches

Eye color is brown* Eyeliner : rich brown, charcoal, taupe, purple.* shadow : Golden brown, blue, green, light mahogany, charcoal, purple

Eye color is grey* Eyeliner : charcoal, deep brown* Shadow : charcoal, cool brown, purple

Brown-eye If you are wondering why you do not see a category on the chart for hazel eyes, it is because they are not just one color. Hazel eyes are either a mixturre of blue and green, or green and brown. So depending on which you have you can place them in two different categories. If you have blue and green hazel eyes you can choose shades from the blue or the green category. If you have green and brown hazel eyes you can choose shades from the green category. So it is up to you decide, don't be scared to experiment

Color Suggestions for Blue eyes

The trick is to learn which colors look better on blue eyes, and start with those, and then branch out with the colors that you are personally drawn to. Women have the ability to choose colors that are complimentary to them. Just because colors are suggested doesn't mean those are the only colors suitable for you to wear.
Colors For Blue Eyes
There are some colors that seem to be made for blue eyes. Icy pinks, silver, gold and violet. You can expand on that by also choosing taupe, gray, and other purples, like lavender.
If you want to add a little "pizazz" to your makeup, try a bright blue instead. I know, You've always heard bad things about blue eyeshadow. However, bright blue eyeshadow will make your eyes really stand out. Try it and see what you think.
Also try turquoise, and if your eyes have green in them, mint green is a great choice. Bright pinks and fuschia are great choices as well. And if you really want to mix it up, try mixing black with another color. It will look stunning and is best for nightwear.
Application Tips
Here's an example of a day look that you could do:
1.Apply a silver shadow from your eyelashes to your eyebrow.
2.Apply lavender from your eyelashes to just above the crease. Blend it well into the silver.
3.Apply violet in a "v" from the middle of your eyelid in the crease and on lash lineto the outer corner. Blend very, very well.
4.Line your eyes with charcoal or dark gray eyeliner.
5.Apply mascara.
You can adjust the colors to be icy pink with fuschia, light and dark turquoise, gold and taupe, gray and bright blue, light blue and bright blue, silver and bright blue, taupe and green, etc. The list goes on and on.
Just play around until you like what you're seeing.

Give the gift of Beauty

Most likely, every woman wants to feel more beautiful on a day to day basis. There is nothing better than natural beauty, but sometimes we as women just want more! With mineral makeup, that can easily be achieved. Some women prefer a more bold approach and that is absolutely wonderful...and very creative, where others prefer a more subtle look. Either way it is your own preference and what makes you as a person feel more beautiful on the inside and out. Someone once told me that "you are only as beautiful as you think you are, but you are always beautiful in my eyes". Beautiful words to live by. a woman myself, I love to receive gifts. And I'm sure most other women do too. So why not give them the gift of beauty? Give them the gift of Mineral Makeup! Happy Holidays!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Looks

Here are some looks from my new fall collection.

Color choices: Cream to Me(highlight), Bravo(crease), Umber my Eyes(all over),


From left to right I applied as follows:highlighter, crease, all over


I used brown eyeliner on upper and lower lids and black-brown mascara


The Finished Look!

All comments are welcome!!